Caffeinated Partnership

Are you a local or international coffee manufacturer? Are you looking to promote your brand and business?

We at Coffee Digest are offering a unique partnership to your coffee brand to cooperate with us in a long-term advertising campaign here in the United States.

Our blog often communicates with news media and is read by coffee lovers nationwide. We are also currently a part of a coffee club with over 100,000 coffee lovers all over the US that we reach out to every week through our newsletter.

Alexa Ranking

Via a partnership with us, you would gain:

  • A featured section at the top of our main page, with a short blurb and image.
  • A dedicated featured landing page for readers and would-be customers.
  • One sponsored article per month, written by our very own staff, as native advertising for your brand or product, and links to your own content or website.
  • A sponsored section in our weekly newsletter, reaching readers and coffee club members all throughout the US.

By working with us, you’re gaining an advertising partner with a genuine love for all things coffee.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch.

Worth Of Web

Featured Article

Alternatively, if you’d like to reach out to our readers specifically, we offer a separate featured article partnership. We are only accepting one coffee shop per city, per year on a “first come, first served” base. This partnership entails:

  • One featured article around 1,000 words, written by our very own staff, as native advertising for your coffee shop or coffee brand.
  • The article will include links to your content, as well as any video or picture content provided by you.
  • The article will be featured in your city, state, or region, specifically targeting potential coffee lovers in the area.
  • Upon publishing, we will also draft and issue a press release to local news media to draw attention to your coffee shop or coffee.
  • You will be mentioned in one of our weekly newsletters, reaching out to our readers and our club members in the US.

Our offer for this service is a fixed rate of US$525 per featured article.

By working with us, you are gaining a partner dedicated to helping millions of Americans discovering delicious coffee brands and coffee shops. If you’d like to know more about the terms and conditions of our partnership offer, feel free to get in touch with us