Knopes A Family Of Traditional Coffee Roasters In Luxembourg

The Knopes family tradition and the passion for roasting coffee started in between the two World Wars in Belgium.

More precisely the origins of Cafés Knopes go back to 1936 when Albert Knopes, a trained schoolteacher, decided to set up a colonial food store that he quickly specialized in coffee.

With more than 84 years of experience and 4 successive generations of Knopes coffee roasters, the passion for quality coffee still remains intact.

They distil this passion for excellent coffee through their coffeeshops and grew a loyal customer community over the years.

In 2020, Knopes continues to roast using the traditional artisan method. The know-how is here a family affair. Fabien Knopes, 4th generation of roasters, continues the search for perfection and the selection of the best coffee beans in the world.

The Knopes Coffeeshops are places entirely dedicated to coffee. Whether it’s to enjoy a cup of coffee on site, ask for preparation tips and advice, or take a bag of freshly roasted coffee home, you’ll find everything you want to know about all things coffee.

Besides coffee, they now also offer teas, fresh and original drinks as well as sweet and savory snacks.

Open since 2002, this Coffeeshop is located in an interior courtyard near the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. This place has become a reference in the business center and community of Luxembourg for all coffee lovers.

Go and share your passion for coffee in an intimate and warm welcoming space in the heart of the city of Luxembourg at Knopes Cafe.

Building A Community Of Coffee Enthusiasts

The main goal of the Knopes family is to introduce the great wealth of the world of coffee to everybody interested.

This drink is both known because it is the most drunk drink in the world after water but often still unknown because many people ignore the specifics and have the necessary knowledge required to properly brew an excellent cup of coffee.

At Knopes they communicate them through the advice of their baristas or during the training sessions they organize and provide to interested folks.

Knopes’ mission is not only to find the best possible coffees but also to accompany clients in the fascinating and complex world of “Specialty Coffee”.

Specialty Coffee takes up several concepts: quality, seasonality, and sustainable development.

Quality: This is the biggest criterion of the selection of grains. Each coffee has its particularities and you can’t choose any harvest at random.

Seasonality: Like any agricultural product, coffee is not harvested throughout the year. The range of the coffees therefore varies according to the seasons and the harvests, to always offer the best possible freshly picked harvests.

This will allow customers of Knopes Cafe to regularly discover new coffees and explore the very diverse flavors of coffees produced around the world.

Sustainable development: This concept is very important for the Knopes family because it aims for the future. Most of the coffee production is subject to stock market listing. The coffees that Knopes selects are made in negotiation with the planter according to the quality of the harvest.

This is very motivating for the farmer because the prices paid to him go far beyond what he could hope to receive with fair trade. With this in mind, he can grant social benefits to his employees and improve his plantation while respecting nature.

Traditional Roasting Is A Family Affair

Coffee is a very delicate product. Freshness and the degree of roast are the keys to a rich, flavorful cup of coffee. In the roasting workshop, Knopes roasts daily to ensure maximum freshness to the customers.

At Knopes Café they never store roasted coffee; directly after roasting the coffee it is sent to the points of sale or directly to the customers.

As mentioned already the degree of roast is the crucial element that will significantly influence the taste of your coffee. Light roasting will boost acidity while darker roasting will decrease it and strengthen the body.

The roaster must constantly assess the color of the beans, the aromas and sounds emitted by the beans during cooking to get the coffee out at the exact moment.

The process begins when the green beans are poured into the drum of the PROBAT machine.

For a slow artisanal roasting, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes at a temperature close to 200 ° C to bring the beans to the exact color. The coffee is then cooled in a sieve before packaging.

How to prepare your coffee well?

Coffee is a complex product: a good freshly roasted coffee is not enough to guarantee you an exceptional cup of coffee.

Here are a few methods to prepare your brew:

1. French Press or French Press

The French press is the preparation method that comes closest to a professional tasting (cupping), that is to say an infusion of coffee. It is the ideal tool to discover the wealth and diversity offered by the world of coffee.

2. The Italian coffee maker or Mokapot

The Italian coffee maker is widely used around the world and offers a rich and dense cup. However, the result is not to be compared with the espresso method.

3. The aeropress

Aeropress is a new preparation method that is very easy to use and quick to prepare and clean. Depending on your recipes, you can get results that are both close to a filter coffee or an Italian coffee maker.

Thanks to its unique process, the cup is rich and surprisingly smooth.

4. The pour-over coffee maker

To get a good cup of filtered coffee, the best technique is manual pouring which gives you better temperature and pour control compared to electric coffee makers.

The Hario filters that Knopes offers in the shops are the best with their evolved form and will allow you to (re) discover the rich flavors of filter coffee.

5. The siphon coffee maker

This is the most elegant and surprising method of preparation. Coffee from a siphon machine is superior in extraction quality and taste.

Hario models contain a fabric filter, which is the best filtration material because it does not retain the natural oils in coffee which contribute to the richness of the taste. For unique tasting experiences.

Now go out in Luxembourg an discover all that Knopes Café has to offer around all things coffee. Knopes is a family business with a long tradition in coffee roasting that offers a unique way to discover the world of coffee in the city of Luxembourg.

Enjoy a good cup of black brew at Knopes Café.

Knopes Coffee Roastery

70 Route d’Esch
1470  Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 97 67 86

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